Monday, May 15

Live and Let Live

Oh the heat is killing me!!
Delhi is 45 degrees and this is normal !
Tell me whats normal please!!
Last night we had sudden stormy weather and rain.
I was woken up by the thunder.
There are hours without electricity and water is rare.
And then there are the gods showering rain and lightening from the skies.
God! Have'nt your parents told you to switch off lights and fans when not in use?
May be you should have gone to a Convent as a kid.
Picture clicked in Bombay by madcapwriter


CinnamonGirl said...

hehe.this is such a cute entry.i can understand the unpredictability-of-the-weather thing though.happens all the time here in s'pore:(
have fun anyway!

ps:ice cream should do the trick.

Daksh said...

hahahhaha, gurl thts a crack up yaar, i understand wht ya going through.
Dnt talk about weather yaar, In NZ we have like all the seasons in 1 day. Its sunny, its cold, its raining, all in one day. I think the water cycle out here is just way to fast. hehe. Its so hard for the weather chaneel to be accurate out here. well hope ya chilling with the heat.

Hamsa Hand said...

chilling!! right!

SiN said...

Delhi Sucks. You're beautiful, quit kliking such snaps ! :)

chamki said...

Dont i look like beautiful here too? ha ha