Tuesday, May 16

Everyday at 8 in the evening on Disney Channel

When i was a kid of 10 and 12 , I watched Mogli and Khaniyon ka Guccha, I dream of genie , Different Strokes and Vyomkesh Bakshi. Many i dont remember. I used to love Vyomkesh Bakshi. Now it's all taken over by Raven. Well, i have fun with my little sister waching this crazy lady. You should try watching it (if you have to) its not all that bad.The hindi dubbing ruins it though. Just try making those faces she makes, it makes a great sister bonding thingee.
In the picture is Raven Symone who plays the lead


heretoscrewyourday said...

i think at 40 u'll look like this .. same!!

Jon Cox said...


sou said...

hmm.. sunday mornings.. ramayan, mahabharat, potli baba ki, indradhanush

Others - Mr. Yogi, Byomkesh Bhakshi, Vikram betaal.

*sigh* nostalgia happening!!

the only li'l sis I have is of the canine variety.. and I don't think she'd watch Raven :P

haven't been to ur blog in a long time. Words keep flowing beautifully, keep them coming :)

Hamsa Hand said...

Oh yes thanks for correcting me, it was potli baba ki and the title song began with kahaniyon ka guccha .That isnt the name of the show!
I have never understood Vikram Betal and i think I never will. Loved it.