Thursday, December 21

Fishing is illegal in this area of the pond
I will post all my fished art on CHAMKO RANI
You are welcome to see CHAMKO RANI fishing there.
See you,

Tuesday, December 19

The cover for my new travel journal.

travel journal cover step 4
The words are a song by Joni Mitchell who is also the girl in the picture.
The big yellow taxi is also a song by her.
This book is a little something I will use to immortalise the places i visit and the people I meet over the next 2 weeks.The size is bigger than what i am used to and working around it is difficult but challenges are always inviting. The big secret is that I'm going to Nepal on the 26th of this lovely month! Christmas I will celebrate in Delhi.The excitement doesn't let me live!



Saturday, December 2

Your face

Be true
Our faces say so much.
Yet we look for words. We refuse to hear what we see in the face.
We wish to blame you, thats why we wait till you say it.
Be true
to yourself
to your plants
to your job
to your pet
to your spouse.
Remember, we can see your face.

Friday, December 1

These boots.

these boots
I wish I had a pair of boots.
I wish I had another pair of boots.
The second pair to wish with.
The first, to just wear.
There are a million wishes trapped in each one of us.
Why do we keep them trapped?
My father, says we shouldn't wish, for wishes will never be fulfilled.
Its the nature of a wish to never to never be fulfilled.
I don't believe it, but what if...
I wish it isn't true.
Lotsa Love,

Friday, October 27

Creative intercourse with Drake, Nick Drake

The inside and the outside
with me in the middle.
Holiday doodling
or as my cell phone's dictionary
likes to call it

coloured with photoshop.

Monday, October 23

Heart To Heart Cafe Poster

We do not serve beef.
Open Nights (when Reliance permits.)