Friday, October 27

Creative intercourse with Drake, Nick Drake

The inside and the outside
with me in the middle.
Holiday doodling
or as my cell phone's dictionary
likes to call it

coloured with photoshop.


kim said...

love it!!

chamki said...

Hey its been long!
Nice to see you here again!

NicoleBraganza said...

you could give jane eccles a run for her money!

karmadude said...

I really digg this one, very cool and intriguing.

dRoZzY!!! said...

this is pretty cool!!!
where do you get this pictures from???

chamki said...

drozzy I drew it.

Anonymous said...

cool cd cover

chamki said...

cool cd cover?
This is a drawing I made
in pen!
I didn't rob this from anywhere people!

heretoscrewyourday said...

this ones really kool .. good good .. finally u'r learning ..

Ankur Betageri said...

Brillaint use of colours!! You have an amazing instinct for colours.. Your pics exude early Spring morning vibes!

Ankur Betageri said...

The Promise of the Machine
For Chamki

A machine has never touched us so intimately before
Just as I realize that we run for the ineffable to the computer
I also realize how it fails to marvel us
like the real pink skies
how it fails to astound our solitude
like the long shadows of trees;
the computer is at best a vain promise
and the blog is a green leaf of light
which never shrivels or grows soft
but becomes leaden with a heavy death.
There are so many minds trying to trap the spark
so many hearts bouncing off the monitors
and even as they don’t belong, they hang on
like a bees flying for the sun
get wound up in the glitter of a sunlit web.

chamki said...

Thank you Ankur.
Words are much needed on a day like this.

Anonymous said...

liked this...a lot of small things..some obvious...some not so..and a lot of things still hidden...

bfz said...

hey divya, visited your blog after a long time, this one's REALLY nice, i love it!

chamki said...


Purple said...

"fondling" that leads to creative intercourse- could not have looked prettier. LOVE your artwork- i am a fan!