Friday, July 14

Bombay Bomb Blasts

My father missed the train which was blasted. He thought of sipping some tea at the station. He told his friends to wait with him, but they left. There is no news of them.
The trains have been repaired over night. People have rushed to offices and colleges. They pretend nothing happened and nothing can stop Bombay.

I wonder. Should I simply pretend nothing happened? I can't. I have no feelings to write about . No thoughts. It was panic and a mixed disbelief. The times I felt that my father is safe, made me angry . I can't feel like this till I see him safe at home.
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bfz said...

the world's coming to an end...

btw u're right, the picture does look very cool!

Genevieve said...

I was sick with horror when I heard about the bombings. I'm glad your father was OK, and I am sad for all those who lost friends and family members.

Life has to go on or else the terrorists win.

My children are your age, and I wish the world was better for all of you.

steamroller B&W said...


Jon Cox said...

Oh wow, I wish you, as well as your friends & family the very best. I'm glad your father is ohk.