Thursday, April 6

A rose lost
this is a scanned image. I dont have a digital camera as yet.
I borrow cameras. I have traced an old canon film camera that my dad had given away
to an old friend.
Soon i shall have it.


Fingers said...

Waiting for a camera....the wait is agonising. The best thing is, the moment you get a camera, it doesn't matter what make it is and whether it's a digital camera or an slr...the moment you get it, it's bliss!
And while you wait, use the sanner...use it beyond it's borders...that's what I did, too till I found myself a camera.


Enjoy the wait...

Hamsa Hand said...

hee hee thanks

SiN said...

i think i've already told u what i think of this pic.. :)

Nonedone said...