Wednesday, March 29

This is where i will fish
and collect my broken sea glass.
The other day, i went to Carter Road.
There is a huge dump site where all the homes that are broken
dump their change.
Broken tiles, marble, porcelain and sea glass.
These holidays i wish to walk there often, all by myself.

It is such a strange feeling to look at a piece of a pretty broken tile
and think this was in some one's house a while ago.

Our house is soon going to be broken down by those monsters.
We have to start looking.
Space speaks in silence, and builds bonds.
I don't want to leave my house.
I don't want to leave Bandra.
I don't want to leave my friends.

I don't want these stories to be abandoned.
I don't want my tiles to break and lie homeless in the sea.
May be another girl somewhere will pick them up
put them next to her pots in the garden.
May be not.

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SiN said...

i really like that pic... kya yeh saachi main aapke ghar mein hai??